Friday, September 23, 2011

Face Plants Galore!

Because Risa must try everything her brother does,
it was only inevitable that eventually
she would take her own train ride down the stairs.

Unfortunately, it was our porch stair.
And though it's a shorter fall,
it's a harder landing.

And the picture just doesn't do it justice.
Her lip was huge.
Like a Who down in Who-ville.
Or a gelfling.

And it took some serious consoling for this injury.
My poor girl.

Why this happens to my children all the time, I don't know.
But I've been informed it's rather normal.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Okay, I want my mom.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Here's to You:

To you, who makes me feel like a new woman every day. 
Who makes me laugh out loud and count the hours till 5:30 p.m. 
Who takes me at my worst, 
and makes me my very best.

To you, who makes me pull my hair out in one moment, 
and the next my breath is gone, 
because you are everything. 
Who brought me to the mysterious joy that is motherhood.

To you, who made me change my mind about the delight of little girls.
Who snuggles into me and fits like a perfect heart transplant.
Who brought the rain.

To you, who knows everything and gives everything.
Who taught me to be smart and deep and unmoved by worldy nothings.

To you, who made me feel important and confident.
Who showed me what a mother is, 
and how she quietly changes the world.

To you, who made my dad happy again.
Who gave me space and time and unconditional love.
Who mothers my brothers and sister, so they were/are never alone.

To you, who moved forward in faith years ago...and have never stopped.
Who gave me a giant among men.
Who hugs me like a daughter.

To you, who misses me after just a few days of being apart.
Who stays up till three a.m. to talk with me about everything.
Who calls me up for advice about her younger, cooler friends.
Who makes me laugh till I want to pee my pants.
Who listens to me vent and then gently gives me greater wisdom.
Who teaches me to let go and just be.

Who makes me feel connected to something large and warm and deep.
Something that feels like home....

In Long Beach and Eagle Mountain and Rexburg and Spanish Fork and Germany and Oklahoma and Murrieta and Highland and California and New Mexico and everywhere that you are.

Here's to you!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Domesticated Me

Look at that! The wild Charity Tree is finally being domesticated!

Chad and I have been thinking a lot about self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness lately.... Some friends have been hit kinda hard this year, and we thought, you know, you just never know if/when it's going to be you. So we've been stocking up on food storage, etc. But, as a result of said conversations, I have also decided to try my hand at the self-sufficiency side of life, which I am subtitling The Domesticated Side of Life. Because I feel like a pioneer. I feel like I'm learning all about living off the land and preserving food old-school style, and such. 

It's actually quite liberating! I like the Domesticated Me!

Like this... Look at what I have grown!
And that's just a week's worth of garden pickings! I've got about 30 tomatoes just waiting to turn red. So we shall be doing some canning of diced tomatoes and homemade salsa very soon.

And as an aside, look at these:
You may or may not be a beet fan (I love them!), but you have to admit--they are a beautiful vegetable!

I also went to the park and collected a bucketful of crabapples and made syrup.... it's rather delicious, actually! And some neighbors let us come pick bowls of apricots and apples. So apricot jam and applesauce are also on the horizon!

Domesticated Me. Who would have thought?! And that I enjoy it! I am discovering this deep (and surprisingly large) part of myself that feels grounded--almost like being at peace with myself--when I am surrounded by good earth, by green things growing, by the natural beauties of this world. 

And I have a hunch that I'm not alone.... I'm starting to think we are wired that way; and maybe we've just lost that. Which is (part of the reason) why we feel frenzied, materialized, etc, etc. Nothing is more calming than having hands covered in dirt and arms full of sunflowers/corn cobs/tomatoes/peaches/daisies/you fill in this space. 

We are stewards of the earth, aren't we?.... Funny there should be a connection....