Saturday, July 24, 2010

And By the Way...

Did I tell you I have a weird son?? 18 months old, and his new thing is bugs. Not sure where this comes from--I'm not a big bug person. Not at all.
True, we have a pet tarantula, and I think she's pretty fantastically awesome! And low-maintenance, which, really, with the Sorensen pet death record, is the best kind of pet.
But my son goes to extremes with bugs. He will try to pick up anything--ANYTHING! roly-polys, beetles, grasshoppers, wasps, spiders... No fear. Yikes! I love his fearlessness, but I am learning I have to temper it with a few warnings... you know, like "That spider is a bad spider. Leave that one alone." Or "No, that is a hornet. It will hurt you. Just look."
How do you teach without stamping out curiosity and brave innocence? I'm learning.
Oh, but the best part is that he has to sample all these bugs he is discovering. Delish! Insect appetizers are on the menu for the next few months, I believe. Here we go!

Family Reunions!

Well, I was able to go to one of the three family reunions we had this summer... what a fabulous experience!! I went to the Grant reunion (my mom's side) in Brian Head last week, and the week was just truly wonderful!

I love reunions! Love them!! I love everything about them--the lack of sleep from staying up and chatting; the loudness in the evening that doesn't let up till midnight or something; the corny games and activities; the sightseeing trips; the food; the late mornings when nobody really gets ready before 10 or 11; the lounging and relaxing; and the people!! Oh, the people!! All my dear ones, concentrated in a single cabin (or two), just enjoying each other... Is there anything really more warm and fabulous than that?!

Some of my favorite highlights from the reunion:
--Karaoke night! Especially hearing my dad sing "Carolina In My Mind." My father, who is a wealth of musical talent (after all, we got half of our talent from him), but who really never sings alone. That brought me joy!
--Testimony night! And suddenly I remember why my family is so fabulous--they follow the Savior! Oh, and Tera's children kept things light with some priceless comments ("Almost everyone is crying!" "Mom said Be Quiet! You're too loud!")... Good times!
--Grandma's story time! My mom always told us Little Black Sambo when we were young. But hearing it straight from the source was a really tender treat!
--Bryce Canyon! Wow! Breathtaking!
--Staying up till 4:15 a.m. with my sister, Tera, talking about all the things that sisters talk about... it's been a while since we did that, hasn't it, Girlfriend? Totally worth the dark undereye circles the next morning!
--Brok's fabulous BBQ! Delish! (Actually, all of the food was rather stellar, wasn't it?)
--Basically, just watching everyone talk and smile and laugh and love... that is why we do reunions, with all the prep and hours of travel and cost and everything. And then we get together for a few days, and really, who cares about all of that?!

So it was indeed splendid for me! I wish my husband could have been there to enjoy all of you as I did. I miss everyone already! And thank you, thank you to Heather--it couldn't have been more perfect. Really! Loved it all!!