Monday, November 30, 2009

Many Thanks!!

A few days late, I know; but still. I thought this year I would tell my many (many, many) family members why I am thankful for them:

-Chad--because you are a hero among men; because you make me beautiful! (See bedroom wall for more.)
-Coren--because you changed motherhood from fear to bliss!
-Pops--because you taught me how to recognize the heroes among men; because you are my solid, wise and happy father!
-Momma--because you are everything good and gentle and strong that I remember from my childhood/teenage years!
-Andrea--because you were willing to come in and pick up where Momma left off; because you love us like crazy; because you are patient and forgiving!
-Sue-Stanley--because you're my favorite literature/movie/music buddy; because you stay up with me till 3 am to talk about whatever; because you treated your sisters like queens!
-Mel--because you are everything I wished Garrett to have; because you fit right in with our weirdnesses; because you make me feel like a million bucks!
-Genevieve--because you are crazy! because you tell people you're a popstar, and you enjoy Mothra, and you already know how to have strong opinions!
-Aeris--because you have no sense of personal boundaries; because you are the happiest face to see in the morning!
-Cian--because you still won't let me hold you (grrr!); because you have a giant smile!
-Seanny--because you are perfect for Tera; because you are just another big brother, totally comfortable, like you've been a Sorensen since birth; because you are always ready for the next big outdoor activity!
-Tera--because you are Tera; because you are the person I go to for advice on life; because you have a neverending wall of calm, which is a constant comfort for the rest of us!
-Shmoody--because you loved me best when you were a baby (yes, you did!); because you are a fabulous big sister; because your hair is beautiful!
-Benny--because you have the best giggle ever; because you are soft and tender!
-Megamoo--because we all know exactly how you're feeling by just looking at your face; because you are unique; because you already have a teenager's stubbornness!
-Nacy--because you are squishable; because you can scream at police siren frequencies!
-David--because you are a weirdo; because you always have a new musician for us to listen to; because you have a dry, sarcastic humor!
-Rinny--because you light up my world; because you are always ready for an adventure; because you are sassy; because you make me feel better whenever I talk to you!
-Porter--because you are also a weirdo; because you never tire of our ridiculous conversations; because you are an example of integrity!
-Brittney--because you are Brittney; because you are an anchor for others; because you are always a joy to hang out with!
-Launa--because you finally like me (hooray!); because you love taking care of Coren; because you have incredible eyelashes!
-Jean--because you are tender; because you have the greatest laugh to listen to!
-Amber--because you used to sing all over the house; because you have a fabulous smile!
-Special--because you are solid; because you were always my partner in imagination; because you have talent coming out of your ears; because you are an ideal brother!
-Shorty--because you are the definition of happiness and joy; because you constantly make me laugh; because you are kind and good and compassionate; because you are also an ideal brother!
-Brooklyn--because you let me be a big sister; because your smile makes life better; because you talk to me and listen to me!
-Kyra--because you are Kyra; because you are strong and wise and happy; because you are someone that others look up to, even if they're older; because you just rock my world and bring me joy!
-Prestone--because you make me feel important; because you're always happy to see me; because you have excellent stories!
-Jesse--because you are crazy! because you are the resident monkey; because you make me laugh and make me exhausted!
-Mike (Dad)--because you raised a hero among men! because you are wise and faithful; because you are ever-interested in the accomplishments of your children!
-Stacy (Mom)--because you are warmth and comfort! because you have no greater joy than having us around; because you have wonderful advice; because you have endless compassion!
-Brandon--because you are smarter than me; because you are always fun to talk to; because you are a character of strength and confidence; because you make the party better!
-Ciara--because you are another sister I was always waiting for; because you are always fabulous company; because you love to spend time with me, and you teach me so much about being an excellent mother!
-Shlecka--because you are already a teenager; because you have a one-of-a-kind imagination; because you are so animated!
-Noah--because you have a large head; because you have the most smiley face; because you are a great buddy for Coren!
-Toddums--because you are a giant among men! because you welcomed me right in to the family; because you are a loyal friend and a great listener; because you are always game for high adventure! because you are a rockin' missionary!
-Summy--because you always make me happy; because you like having me around; because you are fun and tender and sassy all at the same time; because you are just good, in all the choices you make!

And the list keeps growing! I love you, my family! I love that there are more of you every year! I love every in-law and step that comes in and fills another hole in my utopian world! My life wouldn't be the same without any one of you!! Thank you! Thank you! And I thank my Heavenly Father every night for letting me be a part of your lives! There's no better place!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is what a hamburger's all about.

And Draper's new IN-N-OUT just opened today... which is a joy and a sorrow--so joyfully close, and sorrowfully no longer a California novelty. But well, embrace change, right? Especially when it tastes SO GOOD! So I picked Chad up, and we went and got some deliciousness for lunch!

Now I know there are the skeptics out there, who say that the food really isn't even that good, blah blah blah. And if we're being honest, yes, of course I have tasted a better burger.

But sometimes you just need that simple double-double with grilled onions, fries, and a chocolate shake. And hey, if you're coming home from Oceanside beach, it's basically a law that you must stop at the In-n-Out off the 76.

And, really, it's the whole package. It's IN-N-OUT, people! It's California burger goodness with the old-fashioned flavor and ambiance we know and love. So let's hear it for IN-N-OUT!! And let's eat!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Quarter-life!!

I love the movie A Beautiful Mind. What a work of art. And what a life! But there is one scene especially that I love--so much so that I have to rewind it and play it over again just to hear the words one more time. It is the last scene of the movie, and John Nash is accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. He makes a short acceptance speech--it is perfect:

"What truly is logic? Who decides reason? My quest has taken me to the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional, and back. I have made the most important discovery of my career - the most important discovery of my life. It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reason can be found."
And looking at his wife, he continues. "I am only here tonight because of you. You are the only reason I am. You are all my reasons. Thank you."

Even now, it's enough to choke me up. That is what I want to shout to you, my husband, every day--You are the only reason I am! You are all my reasons!

Thank you, Honey, for making every day with you the deepest circle of HEAVEN! For making me grateful I wasn't born Angelina Jolie or Ann Wilson or any of the other people I sometimes fantasize about being. Thank you for making me perfectly satisfied being regular old me because it means you are there every morning and every night. I love you! I love you! I love you! Happy 25th!

Monday, November 2, 2009



Halloween has got to be a dreamer's favorite holiday... You get to create your identity for the day; the sky is the limit. Have you always wanted to be a princess? Be a princess! You really want to be a cockroach? Go be a cockroach! Nerds are suddenly cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are nerds. Models are zombies. And everyone looks fabulous!

We go all out for Halloween! It was always big at the Sorensen house. It's still big here in the Brooks home! Chad and I love figuring out how original we can get--no pirates or witches or vampires for us, baby! (Although Chad says that if we do ever go that route, we'll be the RADDEST pirates EVER!!) And no store-bought costumes either--costumes that look like someone's bored attempt at creating a look-alike outfit. No, we get serious! We go to the thrift stores, we cut, we sew, we paint, we glue, we LOVE our Halloween costumes!!

In the past, we've been a homemade Jack and Sally--Chad won for scariest costume. When I was ENORMOUS last year, with Coren in the oven, we were Hefty and Glad bags--we won most original. This year we did Labyrinth--Awesome!!! Chad was Jareth, the Goblin King (aka David Bowie), and he went all out with the wig, the tight pants, the sparkly jacket, etc. I was Sarah, and Coren made a perfect little Toby. We had four different Halloween parties--Chad's costume won at all four!! That's right, all four!! I was so proud!! This is the way to do Halloween: No holds barred, and never do it halfway! It rocks!!

As a P.S.: I discovered a fabulous thing about Labyrinth this week. First, everyone who ever saw it had a crush on David Bowie... It is the weirdest truth I have ever come across! Now, I know I always had a secret crush on him; and I can remember talking to friends in high school who shared the same secret sentiments. But this week I had Relief Society presidency members come up and confess their secret love of Jareth. Cute eleven year-old neighbors admitted it. It was the greatest thing I've ever heard--Jareth lovers may be the biggest support group in the country! So let's give some credit where it's due.... Give it up to David Bowie, who made a man in spandex, a huge 80s mullet, and a lot of make-up look absolutely delicious! For having that air of charisma that convinced a generation (and more, it seems) that he was the best thing to ever happen to them! We still love you, David!!