Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I do not think the world will end in apocalypse.
I do not think it will magically become Utopia.

I do not believe one man is guilty of all the country's problems.
I do not believe one man can solve all the country's problems.

I believe we have a good system.

Not a perfect one.
A good one.
One I am grateful for.
And that I hope I never take for granted.

Whether or not I love my current leader.
And did or didn't vote for him.
Or his current policies.
Or the policies put into place by the next one.
Or the next.

I am an optimistic realist.
I think things can always get worse.
And probably will.

But wonderful things are happening too.

I choose not to believe that any of my leaders are all good... or all bad.

They are striving.
We are striving.
Even if that striving shows itself in many different forms and credos.

It is, overall, a good striving.
And nobody is perfect.
And we are all citizens of the same country.

And I think, no matter the outcome, we can all be civil.
And do our part:
Study the issues, vote our conscience.
Disagree like respectful adults.
(Isn't the system set up so that disagreement is healthy?)

And then accept the outcome--whichever side we're on--with grace.
Like respectful adults.

And love each other.
And do a good deed every day.
And appreciate our country.
And be happy.
And not worry.

I didn't see any zombies out my window today.... did you?

(....And that's about as publicly political as I get, Ladies and Gentlemen.)