Monday, April 30, 2012

2. Easter

 It was lovely. We did many traditional Easter activities: Egg hunt, egg dyeing, baskets of candy left by the Easter Bunny, etc.

The egg hunt was at my brother-in-law's work, and they had different hunts for different age groups. So Risa got to go first--and Coren was a little confused and uncertain about why we were letting Risa walk out and gather eggs and not him. But then he got his turn, and all was well. The bunny was kind-of funny and awesome--he had no big bunny head mask. Just a dude in a bunny suit. But Chad and I thought it rather fitting, considering the day before we had gone through all the scariest Easter Bunny mascots on the internet! Ha! So extra points for going sans mask, bunny man!

We also had the kiddos watch He Is Risen, the short Living Scriptures video about the Resurrection. Okay... they watched the first ten minutes, more or less. But it's the intention, right? Maybe next year will be fifteen... etc... etc.

And Chad's family all came over to our place for Easter dinner.... I was actually really thrilled to be able to host it at our house--I always like an excuse to do a fancy meal! So we made chicken cordon bleu (which, yes, is fancy, but is also deceptively easy--I mean, super super easy!) and couscous and vegetables and fantastic, fluffy, peach jello (that was the hit with all the little chickens.... though I was pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed the chicken as well). It was informal and relaxing, and really lovely just to sit together and smile.

And we got to hear our brother-in-law sing in his ward--one of my very favorite church songs--"Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" (with yes, the lyrics from the hymnbook, but different music--way more moving and beautiful)... And really, that was all I would have needed to focus my heart on the Savior. The words to that song truly resonate every time I hear it. However, to add to the splendor of the day, both speakers (in our home ward and the in-laws' ward) read the final conference talk given by Elder Bruce R. McConkie, which is another moving testimony to the unmatched gift of Christ's Atonement. I went away with my heart full, reflecting again on the emptiness of a life without a Savior...
or even just the casual idea that is growing in this world that I can get by without one.... How complicated your life must get, I think. Because say what you will; for me, the real peace in life comes by embracing the gift of Jesus Christ, not ducking it or denying it. My life is simple, beautiful, happy, peaceful, full of a joy that doesn't wax and wane with life's challenges and inconsistencies--and that is ALL from knowing I have a Savior who loves me. It's not a perfect life, but oh, tis a perfect one for me!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

On a Lighter Note...

Here's what we've been up to this last month:

1. Our weekend getaway to SLC!

It was really a lovely little "stay-cation" for us--and probably the last time we'll get to have a night to ourselves, sans children, for the next little while.

We went up to SLC on Friday night for The Ting Tings Concert! Hooray for more concerts!! The opening performer was probably the most interesting I've ever seen (and we've seen a LOT of opening acts)... A solo performer--or musical project, as is the proper term--with a super high tech synthesizer and a mic. And I'm pretty sure she was wearing an S&M getup over a gold 80's dress shirt. She was actually rather talented, and talk about self-confidence! I couldn't go it alone, I don't think. I'd need a band behind me.

And then the Ting Tings! Supremely entertaining! We love that little British duo, with all their quirks and energy and style. And we even got to see the drummer's eyes! Yes, the sunglasses flew off during one of the songs. It was really fun to see him just rock it on those drums--so great! And she pretty much has the best legs ever! Really, wow!! Although I did feel old at this concert--first time that's ever happened to me! I kept watching the place fill up with these little kids (realizing later that they were probably mostly college students), and I think there were maybe two or three other couples older than us! Huh. But it was worth the age-increased reality check--the show rocked!

That night we got to stay at the Marriot in Park City, thanks to a friend and co-worker of Chad's. A night away, in a fancy hotel, and no kids around--you BET we fell asleep while surfing through TV channels! Incredible us!! :)

We spent Saturday morning strolling down Park City main street... I may need to go back, because most of the fun art galleries were still closed when we left. But what a quaint little tourist town. And a fabulous bookstore--Atticus Books--which we simply had to peruse because 1) it was a really fantastic little bookstore, and 2) that's one of the current possible names for this upcoming offspring.

Saturday afternoon we strolled through the new City Center... Ha! Kind-of hilarious for me, actually. I mean, the place is rather lovely and impressive. But as I walked through, all I could think was, "Well, I don't know that I'll ever have another reason to come here ever again." Really--Tiffany's? Brooks Brothers? Porsche? We are apparently not their target tax bracket.... And I thought the ads all over the city were rather fitting as well--these beautiful models with faraway looks that just emanate a "you're not nearly rich or swank enough to shop at these stores" kind of advertising. Made me chuckle.

And we ended it all with the fun. concert that night. To be honest, Chad and I were a little thrown off when we showed up that night to the same venue--which had housed a few hundred the previous night--and found  a line of thousands of eager fans snaking around the block. We were trying to figure out where in the world they were going to stuff everyone. And we were amazed to see how much they've exploded since we saw them at Kilby Court (talk about an intimate venue--a couple hundred, perhaps?) a couple of years ago, after their debut album was released. It's fun (hee hee) to see the bands you love get the attention they deserve, isn't it? Although there's also a little snobby indie-fan in us somewhere that always hopes they never get too mainstream. Ah well.

Then they herded us in, and we had to pause--it looked nothing like the building we were in the previous night... apparently we had been in just a small wing of the building. Anyway, everyone fit without a problem. And the show was AMAZING! They've always been really musically impressive, but they were definitely more polished this time. And the ENERGY! Holy smokes! What a perfect name they've given themselves, because that is precisely what the night was--fun! Lots of it! Waves of energy! So fabulous!!

And no, I didn't make it through the entire show... I think, from now on, my concert cutoff must be around six months pregnant. Eight months is just to big. But I don't regret this show, not one bit; not even if I finished the last set of songs sitting on one of the boxes in the back. So worth it! What a show!!

And so ended our little weekend stay-cation... Thanks a million to uber-fantastic in-laws who took turns watching our kids, so we could runaway and be single again for 48 hours! We needed it!