Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Few Things

1. I changed my hair. I have come to accept--maybe I should say my hubby has come to accept--that I still have some wandering teenager in me. It comes out in my hair and jelly bracelets. I have decided that I'm okay with that. And maybe I'm that dorky 30 year-old trying to stay young and hip, but then I guess that's that. Someday someone will work up the courage to tell me so; until then, I'll go on in my delusions.

2. I am addicted to cuties these days. Seriously, how much is too much to spend on tiny oranges in a week? We're eating them like candy over here!

3. These kids are cute....and driving me a little bonkers. Coren has spent more time than I care to admit in time out in the last couple of days, only because he is of the opinion that it is uber-fun to make his sister scream every ten minutes or so. I got sick of scolding, so I just stuck him on the couch in an indefinite time-out last night. And again this morning. Yep, good parenting skills, I know. I rock. Risa is at this stage of constantly demanding--literally constantly!--anything and everything, over and over! Drinks, snacks, blankets, dolls, dishes, more drinks. Aaah! Really, how are there not more moms out there snapping and going nuts?? I'm blaming this all on the end of a looong, cooold winter and the coming of spring right around the corner. We're cabin-fevered and antsy and fed up, I think, so I'll give my chickens that and, oh, I don't know, throw them a tea party or something (report to come on my next blog).

4. Eating healthy is hard when it's day after day! I know, shocker, but it really is! Even after I'm seeing results, I still have to convince myself daily that no, I don't need that cookie or that slice of cake or that second helping of pasta. Oy! But I feel better, so the health peeps are right again. Go health peeps!

5. Also, have I told you much about my son's condition. His hands are always, always going! Yep, it's Alien Hand Syndrome, and it's pretty severe. Poor child never stops--really quite exhausting to watch him all day.... Okay, and hilarious. He's really rather hilarious, that one. Very much a demonstrative and animated baby!

(Well, I had a video uploaded, but it's not working, so that's that. I'll try again when my techno-hubby is home.)

6. And I can see my lawn for the first time in months. The grass is dead, but it's there! The first tulip buds are breaking through the ground. Ooh, will we actually have spring again? I'm holding my breath!

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