Friday, March 8, 2013

My New Project

Well, I've begun a new project... Or rather, I should say that I've jumped onto the chariot of a project already in motion by a lovely and dear friend of mine. We've started a writing blog.

Yes, a writing blog. A blog dedicated to all like-minded amateur writers who feel like they need a good kick in the pants to take their writing from its present plateau to the next level. So we have prompts, and we post our creations. We give constructive advice, and we discuss the methods of writers we admire....

Or, at least, this is what we'll be doing when all the cogs and gears start turning smoothly. The blog was only just created this month, and so is still on its new legs, so to speak. If any of you, my vast audience of five or so, are interested, ALL ARE WELCOME! Truly! We ultimately want this to be a creative space for multiple and varied voices, so we can learn from each other and expand our own little voices together. If you are interested, let me know! Post a comment here, or email or Facebook me. Whatever! It's very low-key and supportive, and we don't want anyone to feel stressed by it, so come be part of a no-pressure writing team! And everyone's goals are different as well--some want to write novels, and others just want to be better bloggers. So there's a place for you, I guarantee it!

Anyway, here's my first post for the blog. The prompt--it being our first--was kind-of a get-to-know-you prompt, about why we write and how we started. So here's my little spiel. Peace!

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